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Delicious non-coffee fruit smoothie mix made with real fresh strawberry flavors  blended together in MOCAFE™ Strawberry Blended Fruit Creme mix.

MOCAFE™ has conveniently formulated a variety of exotic flavored smoothie base mixes in an easy to use powder removing the effort typically associated with these drinks. Just add ice and milk to create a delicious creamy fruit smoothie, or add your favorite tea for your own custom made bubble tea drink.


Mixing Instructions

Blended MOCAFE™ Strawberry Blended Fruit Creme
16 oz. Serving: In a blender, add 6 fl. oz. water, tea, or milk (use milk for a creamier drink!), 2 scoops of MOCAFE™ Strawberry Blended Fruit Creme mix, and 12 fl. oz. ice. Blend until smooth.

Optional Bubble Tea recipe – Add 2 oz. Tapioca Pearls to a 16 fl. oz. cup. Pour in blended mixture and and enjoy!