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Charcoal is the new black. Dress up your menu with our MOCAFE™ Charcoal Mocha.

Starting with activated charcoal made from real char-coaled coconut shells, we combine it with premium, black onyx cocoa bring you a new bold and rich spin on lattes and frappes. Can be served hot or cold.

What is Activated Charcoal?

MOCAFE Charcoal Mocha is made with food-grade activated charcoal powder made from coconut shell through carbonization and steam activation under stringent quality control. It is washed to reduce impurities and soluble ash. The activated charcoal meets FCC specs and is considered GRAS for use in food processing.

Activated Charcoal Properties

Because of it's porous and absorbent nature, it is highly unadvisable for a person taking chemical medications (such as aspirin) to drink charcoal unless the first consult with their pharmacist.

Activated charcoal will not interfere with vitamins, minerals or nutrition uptakes into the body from foods. Supplements that are naturally derived will not be affected by consumption of charcoal. If they are synthetic supplements, assume the charcoal might react with them.

Mix With Real Milk Only

Mixing charcoal with dairy significantly reduces the charcoal's potency and ability to interfere with certain medications. We recommend when preparing drinks with activated charcoal, use real milk only!

Mixing Instructions

Blended MOCAFE™ Charcoal Mocha Frappe
16 oz. Serving: In a blender add 6 oz. of milk, 2 Scoops of MOCAFE™ Charcoal Mocha Mix. Add 12 oz. of ice. Blend until smooth.
Optional – top with Whipped Cream!

MOCAFE™ Hot Charcoal Mocha Latte
12 oz. Serving: Mix 1 ½ Scoops of MOCAFE™ Charcoal Mocha Mix to 10 oz. of hot water or Steamed Milk.
16 oz. Serving: Mix 2 Scoops of MOCAFE™ Charcoal Mocha Mix to 14 oz. of hot water or Steamed Milk.

Mix well and enjoy!